Grameen Haat

Village TahTajpur is situated along the Bareilly Bypass on National Highway 24 towards Lucknow. Till recently a nondescript village, today, one stops while crossing the village of TahTajpur. Usually, one would not notice this little village, but what attracts the travelers towards it is the Grameen Haat (GH), powered by IL&FS in association with Mrida.

Grameen Haat, a small structure , which consists of cane huts, serves the basic demands of anyone passing through, like drinking water, refreshments, and clean toilets. It also houses a first-aid kit, in case of any emergencies and a plan to induct a medical assistant is underway. Overall, it is a place to rest and replenish for weary highway travelers.

What is unique about the Grameen Haat is that it also acts as an outlet for the local rural goods from TahTajpur and other MPowered villages across the country. The highlights are fresh vegetables, stitched clothes, accessories and baskets made out of grass and used plastic by local girls and women. It was planned in order to give an outlet for the villagers to showcase and sell, commercialize their products, without having to travel far.

So as the passers-by stopover, for a quick break, they not only get a chance to unwind themselves, but also glance at the various rural goods laid out on display. The villagers do not have to travel to nearby towns to sell their goods, as they get to warehouse it at the Grameen Haat. Interested passers-by can also get to take a tour of the village, and experience how the lives of the villagers has been transformed.

In the end, a 15 minutes stopover turns out to be an cherished memory for the travelers, and a source of income for the villagers to fulfill their basic needs. Apart from being a sales outlet, it will also help generate employment over a period of time, for the people manning the Grameen Haat (Sukhlal, a villager from TahTajpur is currently running this outlet). This initiative has transformed the lives of the villagers and spread a smile of well-being. This new world of TahTajpur today stands proudly with the rest of the country.