Mayoli (Almora, Uttarakhand)

May 15, 2014 would go down in Mrida’s history as the day Mrida Renergy completed the installation of its first 240W DC Solar Microgrid for Mayoli Farms in Uttarakhand. The grid is operated by an enthusiastic Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE), who also runs a NGO named ‘Himalayan Ethnic Botanic Garden Society’. This Solar Micro-grid provides energy access – LED bulbs, common lighting, mobile charging and laptop charging facilities, for 4 rooms/lodging areas, and common facilities at the farm complex.

Mrida engineers and Mayoli team members did a two hour trek across hills and streams, while carrying all the equipment – solar panels, batteries, wires and tool kits. The micro-grid was efficiently installed in a single day, bringing energy access to this picturesque farm on a remote hilly area. The priceless emotions of the beneficiaries that Team Mrida got to experience when the wooden lodges lit up from total darkness for the first time, the warm sensation of contentment that could be felt within, the very first indications of our vision and efforts coming to life around us…….indeed – the fruit of all the hard work that the team got to taste was truly something to be savoured.

The light and other facilities made possible by the Mrida Micro-grid, charge up the team at Mayoli as it goes about its own objectives – organic cultivation, medicinal plants and herbs, poultry, bee-keeping and poly houses. All this can be a great kick-starter for attracting domestic as well as international Impact Tourists, including those interested in experiencing the unparalleled scenic beauty and the biodiversity of the great Himalayan region. Mrida has supported the setting up of the micro-grid, and integrates the output from Mayoli farms into its own agri products supply chain. A win-win situation for all…..