Mrida Upcoming Businesses


India as a vast land of varied and exotic terrains makes it a truly incredible place on Earth to explore, and to experience some of the most extraordinary locations, landscapes, habitats and lifestyles in the process. Combine this with seeing first hand on the ground, some of Mrida’s initiatives in remote rural areas showcasing how small interventions can lead to major transformations, and we have a recipe for a unique, beautiful experience that probably few others can match.

And that, in essence, is what Khoj (Discovery) – Mrida’s upcoming Impact Tourism initiative, is all about…

Through Khoj, we look forward to invite you to travel with Mrida to field locations where our interventions are taking place. See them unfold before you, immerse yourself in them, and become a part of the initiatives and the local communities.

Enable them to benefit directly from your presence, even as you go take away some unforgettable experiences and moments – adventure, trekking, soaking in the local culture and un-spoilt nature, trying out the local cuisines, getting a first hand experience of rural life, and reveling in the fact that you too, are making a difference, leaving your mark behind.


Another proposed addition to the portfolio is the ‘Earthspired’. It is envisioned as being a separate arm in the group’s business. Through Earthspired, Mrida seeks to build distribution channels for products such as millet based ground flour (‘atta’), cake mixes, cookies, healthy snacks and more products.

Besides giving you a healthy, wholesome treat that comes straight from the heart of rural India, this effort would help create employment in these remote rural establishments and act as a much required means of earning livelihood. The development this initiative aims to brings about will transform many lives and bring a smile to these rural folk.