Renergy works to facilitate, fund, and implement solar powered energy access solutions leading to sustainable and holistic development. Our DC solar micro grids provide up to six hours of LED lighting and mobile phone charging per day to remote rural households across India. Related initiatives have focused on creating education opportunities for children, livelihood training and skill development, and women’s empowerment through building market linkages for a variety of products including handicrafts, terracotta items, stitched bags, and processed food products.

Greens facilitates cultivation and collection of high value crops, plants and herbs, and their socially responsible procurement to provide income enhancement opportunities. A modern, well-equipped processing unit in Umbergaon [Gujarat] makes extracts of plants and herbs as per GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). The unit produces extracts of products such as Aloe Vera, Morinda, Amla, and Shatavri. By connecting farmers and collectors to more valuable products and a sustainable consumer base, Mrida Greens supports social uplift.

Through Earthspired, Mrida empowers farmers and rural artisans to create a self reliant, progressive and sustainable economy. Mrida sources material directly from small and marginal farmers, farmer collectives, and remote rural communities across India, ensuring income security, increasing demand and thereby generating sustainable growth. The Earthspired brand currently markets handicraft items and a range of highly nutritious millet and amaranth based mixed flours, cookies and snacks marketed through niche distribution channels and online.

Virtuous Circles

While Mrida’s initiatives are distinct, our goal remains the same: to facilitate social and economic enrichment amongst India’s poorest. It is a mission designed to break the vicious circle of poverty and deprivation that has trapped so many.

The businesses work in tandem to break this vicious circle through what we call ‘virtuous circles’. Mrida’s agriculture interventions encourage cultivation of high value crops, plants and herbs to increase productivity, income, and profit margins for poor farmers. By supporting investments in skill development and productivity enhancement, Mrida works to sustain this income generation by building market linkages. Mrida Greens and Mrida Renergy work to add value to crops, while Mrida Earthspired generates sales, delivering the end product directly to consumers. Earthspired also creates entrepreneurial opportunities for rural artisans by marketing their handicrafts, including terracotta, stitched bags, and baskets. This is the virtuous circle in action—investments in our farmers and artisans yield favorable returns and additional income, paving the way for more investment and further development.

Mrida Renergy creates virtuous circles through energy access. Solar-powered micro grids not only provide illumination; rather, lighting creates ample opportunity for education and livelihood generation. Children can study after sunset and women can engage in activities such as stitching, weaving, pulse grinding, traditional handicrafts and so on, using the extra working hours to generate supplementary income and working capital.

Mrida then works to connect female entrepreneurs to bigger markets and premium consumers to sell their merchandise, and families benefit immensely from the additional income generated. This in turn paves the way for a higher quality of energy access, improved productivity, increased output, and enhanced livelihood opportunities, thereby building further on the virtuous circle.

Although the mechanism is different for each business, the end result is the same: additional income supports a cycle of future investment in agriculture techniques, energy access, educational pursuits, and more. These ‘virtuous circles’ create win-win situations for all, from rural womenfolk, small and marginal farmers and entrepreneurs, to the consumers of our all-natural products and handicrafts.