Mrida Earthspired

Through “Earthspired” (Inspired by the Earth), Mrida empowers farmers and rural artisans to develop sustainable livelihoods. Mrida sources material directly from small and marginal farmers and remote rural communities across India, ensuring income security, increasing demand and thereby facilitating sustainable growth. The Earthspired brand currently comprises range of highly nutritious millet and amaranth based mixed flours, cookies and snacks marketed through niche distribution channels and online. The Vision is to expand the Earthspired range over time to enter the health and wellness segment, in India and globally, including products such as aloe vera, turmeric, ginger, garlic, amla (Indian gooseberry) and so on – all offering health benefits to the customer. Ease of preparation and use, and painstaking sensory evaluations to ensure that good health also means good taste, are some of the other qualities that Mrida seeks to bring to consumer’s kitchens, tables and plates through Earthspired. This not only inspires customers to make healthy, environmentally and socially conscious decisions in foods, beverages and supplements but also provides them with natural and healthy products.

About Millets and Amaranth:

Millets have long been recognized as “Miracle Seeds”. Both millets and amaranth have complex carbohydrates with good quality protein and are rich in dietary fibre. Responsibly sourced and judiciously blended for more health, our millet based flours mixes and related offerings are brought to you with minimal processing, rigorous testing to give you more taste and health.

Earthspired products are rich in:

Proteins: Millets like foxtail millet (thennai/thinai) are very good sources of proteins. Millet/Amaranth proteins are highly bio- available, complete and digestible.

Fibre: Millets are rich in dietary fibre. They have shown to produce lower blood sugar levels than wheat or rice. Consumption of millets provides more satiety and lowers hunger pangs.

Minerals: Millets are high in phytonutrients. They provide a good source of calcium, iron and essential minerals.

Through Earthspired, Mrida empowers farmers and rural artisans to create a self-reliant, progressive, and sustainable economy. Now, you too can join this movement, and spread happiness, good cheer, and well-being.