Mrida Renergy & Development (P) Ltd.

More than 200 million Indians lack access to electricity. For this enormous off-grid population, electrification has the potential to transform life itself.  Mrida installs solar-powered microgrids to illuminate villages across the country, using energy access as a tool to facilitate educational, income generation and livelihood opportunities, women’s empowerment, and skill development.The ‘MPowerment’ process begins with the installation of a single solar-powered micro grid, which has the capacity to electrify up to thirty households. The benefits of light and opportunities for advancement are virtually infinite: for instance, women can work during the evening to make candles, stitch clothes, grind pulses or weave baskets,and children can use additional light hours to study. Once electrified, village per capita income itself has the potential to rise.

Even as the electrification initiative is under way, villagers – typically a combination of men, womenfolk and youth – are chosen and trained to join our Village Development Committee (VDC) program. We believe that free markets and business models are vital to economic development, so we work with villagers to establish mutually beneficial partnerships. The VDCs collect monthly energy access fees from benefactors, and use the funds collected to maintain the micro grids, support local entrepreneurial pursuits and to invest in their own development initiatives:stitching, handicrafts, agri services and so on.Together, the VDC and Mrida work to encourage and facilitate income generation initiatives so that end users are in a position to fully utilize energy access, increase their household income, and move into self-sustaining ‘virtuous circles’.

Mrida Renergy partners with individuals, groups, and corporates to fund initial energy access and sustainable development projects through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs), crowd funding, and so on.

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