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Bf2 Memory Error Memory.dll Sanity Check




Ok guys, I'm wondering if I'm the only person who has the error and my box is somehow affected. I get this error every time I start bf2. Memory.dll:sanity check: block size 199279656(4089MB) . Hello, When I start the bf2 console, it appears: memory.dll:sanity check: block size 178424496(3989.4MB) and if I try to load a map, it starts up with the error: "memory.dll:sanity check: block size 308945313(6083.5MB) doesn't . 4 days ago | bf2 crash Game crashes after 5 min in BF2, and this is what appears in the bf2 console: memory.dll:sanity check: block size 156831408(3112.7MB) It happens to me only with vanilla bf2, and with all custom mods. I've had bf2 crash several times since I started playing BF2 (like 10 times since a few days ago), happens very often. I tried to fix the problem, but nothing has helped. My computer is a little old (2 years old), so it is hard to tell if it is a compatibility problem. Anyone has any ideas what could be the problem, and how to fix it? 14 Apr,2011 I had a memory.dll:sanity check: block size 283361288 error when trying to load a map, I have tried a lot of things, and I am still getting it. Everytime I start a map, the memory.dll:sanity check: block size 166614704(3152MB) appears, and no map loads. I have tried reinstalling both bf2 and memory.dll, uninstalling all mods, starting bf2 with admin privileges, rebooting the computer, changing the compatibility settings of the program, and the whole gamut of solutions listed in all of the forums. If I copy memory.dll and paste it in the game directory, it works fine, so that is not the problem. I don't know what to do any more, please help. 15 Apr,2011 I don't know what to do anymore, I really have tried every possible solution,