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Abdullah Part 3 By Hashim Nadeem Pdf Download [Latest]




 . . and a few more real life heroes i may not have mentioned. The book is a mixture of stories. You can read different stories. You can read the first part, read the second part and then finally read part 3. So, you have to read the other 2 parts too. When I read it, I could sense the p**ses to the writer, as he had clearly written it to rile the President. The first part of the book was like the writer was trying to prove the premise of the book. That AAAAAAAHHHH... HASHIM NADEEM HAS RATED OBAMA NOTHING. So, here is a guy who is supposed to be a hero who isn't even a hero to the President. The hero is the President of the UAE. So, HASHIM NADEEM is basically saying, that the President of the UAE is a better leader than the President of the USA. The 2nd part was HASHIM NADEEM saying that the US is not on the right track and saying that they are losing the battle against ISIS. So, at the beginning of the 2nd part, we see that the UAE has given the US the contract to establish their bases there. All that the US has done is to send a delegation to the UAE. The 3rd part was when we saw a couple of real life incidents when the President, spoke with the Prime Minister of Pakistan and with the President of India. HASHIM NADEEM, was ranting on the fact that the US President spoke to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, and not to the President of India. In all my years as a journalist, I have never seen a reason to rile up the President on that kind of level. Why did the President make the call to the PM of Pakistan? Well, the reason being, Pakistan has been fighting the same fight for years. The Taliban is killing Pakistani's. And so, the President decided to call the PM of Pakistan. Now, here HASHIM NADEEM makes the stupid statement that the President is supporting the Taliban because the US funded them. So, a few more facts to throw in. The US has always supported the Taliban. The people fighting the Taliban are from the US and the rest of the world. The Taliban have never been a genuine organization. The Taliban is just an organization that was set up by the US. The US is responsible for the rise of ISIS




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