Mrida in Sanskrit means ‘Soil’. And that, in a single word, encapsulates what we stand for. We work at the ground level, directed mainly at the Base of the Pyramid (BOP) – our core customers. Our product offerings emanate, literally as well as figuratively, from the soil. Mrida is all about business models for transforming lives.

Projects centered around Solar Micro Grids provide electricity to remote rural areas not connected to the electricity grid, and facilitate use of the energy access for livelihood and income generation activities leading to development. Mrida also works with small and marginal farmers, on agricultural interventions to improve yields and hence disposable incomes. Given the encouraging initial response and results of such initiatives , the Group’s focus is to set up many such working models of energy access and agriculture related interventions leading to sustainable development of villages in different parts of the country.

Over time, Mrida seeks to build a countrywide network of low cost, rural touch points to service its solar micro grids and also support the agri businesses. Apart from providing a competitive edge to the Mrida business model itself, this would also facilitate further employment and rural development.

Supplementing Mrida’s core businesses is a comprehensive Human Resource and Skill Development Program, and an Impact Tourism initiative to create awareness about rural life, and showcase how small interventions can lead to significant benefits and sustainable development.

Virtuous Circles

Mrida solar microgrids and agricultural interventions are not meant to be an end in themselves, but rather a means to an end – namely, sustainable and holistic rural development.

Solar micro grids provide not only illumination, but also opportunities for education and livelihood generation. Children can study after sunset and women-folk can set up Self Help Groups to engage in activities such as stitching, weaving, pulse grinding, traditional handicrafts and so on – using the extra working hours to generate supplementary household income. The income is typically higher than the cost of energy access, thus leading to wealth creation. It can also be used to progressively upgrade the level of energy access – fans, tube lights and so on, leading to better productivity, higher output and even more income over time.

Cultivation of high value crops, plants and herbs on small and marginal land holdings leads to higher disposable incomes amongst poor farmers. Processing, value addition, and access to markets using inputs and skill sets available with Mrida can potentially enhance this further; in turn, this could lead to more investments facilitating even better incomes, improved lifestyles, and sustainable development.

Higher income levels, better lifestyles, investments in skill enhancement, and productivity improvement at the base of the pyramid. Increased business opportunities for Mrida to meet the higher demand that this entails. All in all, a win-win situation for all concerned – and self sustaining Virtuous Circles in the making.


Mrida Renergy & Development (P) Ltd.

Mrida with its various programs, works with individuals, groups and corporates on innovative funding options for energy access and sustainable rural development.

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Mrida Greens and Organics (P) Ltd.

Committed to Mrida’s Vision and Philosophy, Mrida Greens and Organics Pvt. Ltd. seeks to use agricultural interventions as tools for self sustaining, holistic rural development.
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Mrida Earthspired

Through ‘Earthspired’, a range of healthy food products and handicrafts, Mrida seeks to build market linkages that empower rural farmers & artisans and create a self-reliant, progressive and sustainable economy.
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