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Through Mrida Renergy & Development Pvt. Ltd., the Group partners with Corporate entities to develop and implement customized, integrated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.  The focus is on a ‘business approach’ – treating CSR funds as ‘investments’, with quantified impact assessment and Return on Investments calculations being an integral part of any intervention. Mrida’s CSR partners over the years include Mahindra & Mahindra, IL&FS, Reliance Foundation, Rio Tinto and Hero Motors Group Companies.

We believe that free markets and business models are vital to economic development, so we work with villagers to establish mutually beneficial partnerships. A combination of men, womenfolk and youth are chosen and trained to join our Village Development Committee (VDC) program. The VDC does the monthly collections accruing from various livelihood interventions and manages the funds to maintain the micro grids, support local entrepreneurial pursuits and invest in their own development initiatives: stitching, handicrafts, agri services and so on. Together, the VDC and Mrida work to encourage and facilitate income generation initiatives so that end users are in a position to fully utilise the interventions deployed on ground, increase their household income, and move into self-sustaining ‘virtuous circles’.

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