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Inadequate transportation, particularly in remote villages, prevents many Indians from enrolling in school, accessing healthcare services, and participating in the free market.  Mrida’s Electric Rickshaw (E-Rickshaw) initiative serves to improve transportation opportunities for villagers, while also functioning as an investment opportunity for qualified Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs). The VLE is required to make an initial payment and fixed monthly installments for a specified period. Mrida conducts training on how to run the E-Rickshaw as a viable business activity, supporting the activity until it generates profit. The battery powered E-Rickshaw also runs on clean technology, serving as a practical and environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuel motors.



While currently not a part of its core business portfolio, Mrida also seeks to address health, hygiene and sanitation issues as part of its holistic rural development efforts. Toilets have been introduced in some villages, in collaboration with sanitation experts and with the active engagement of individual households as well as the community. Health camps, sanitation related training sessions and documentary film screenings at the Mrida E-Hubs are an integral part of the initiative to promote awareness on health related issues.

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