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At Mrida, we combine our passion with proven entrepreneurial expertise in Sales & Marketing, Operations, Human Resource Management, and Logistics to build financially viable and sustainable social enterprises. We love our team, but we're always looking for likeminded individuals and organizations to help advance our mission.


We firmly believe that it takes a village to do our work, so we're always interested in working alongside organizations with new ideas, experience, and skill sets. We encourage interested entrepreneurs, organizations, institutions, manufacturers and research groups to partner with us for collaborative associations in the areas of Solar Microgrids, Agricultural Interventions, Medicinal Plants & Herbs, Sustainable Development, and Eco-Tourism. Partner with us to enlighten lives…

Agriculture Internventions, interns visiting the field.
Mrida's Corporate Partners


At Mrida, we use our entrepreneurial skills and broad expertise to convert our Vision into reality. Across our work, venture capital can play a key role in executing an idea, a thought, and in scaling up. At a village level, financial support in the form of collaterals, loans and viability gap funds can help transform life in rural villages. If you believe in what we do, come work with us to make it happen. 

Spread the Word.

Sharing the voices of rural India and the initiatives taken by Mrida to improve the situation of its people is paramount to our work. This enables Mrida connect with new likeminded individuals and organizations and advocate for underserved populations. Donate your friends socially, and help ignite the Mrida spark…


Mrida currently has an excellent relationship with The University of Virginia, IIM Lucknow, Lady Irwin DU, and others. We always welcome new students and educational institutions who believe in Mrida’s Vision and Philosophy to become part of an ongoing project or intervention, undertake a new research initiative in the field, or get involved in an impact assessment study for a recently completed intervention.


We welcome interns who are interested in the realities of rural India and want to do something concrete on the ground. All of our internship programs are geared towards providing hands-on experience with the real challenges faced in rural development, and how these can be addressed through financially viable business models. We provide opportunities for interns to use their academic learning in real life situations, acquire valuable on ground experience, and develop practical skills while working alongside experts in the field. Past interns have worked on social media, marketing, supply chain management, market research and more. Join us and leave a mark behind...

Past Mrida Interns from the University of Virginia

Be a Transformer.

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Get in touch with us via mail at or call us at +911141734447

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