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Over 200 million Indians lack access to electricity and depend on kerosene and biomass for their lighting requirements (International Energy Agency, 2012).

Kerosene is not only a poor source of illumination; it is highly toxic, hazardous, and environmentally unfriendly. It is not an affordable source of energy either, often requiring expensive and elusive government subsidisation.

The Mrida 250 Watt DC Micro grid provides two energy efficient LED bulbs and a mobile charging point for up to 25-30 rural households. These grids can be set up within three days in the remotest of rural areas, virtually transforming lives overnight.

Once established, the grids are operated by the local Village Development Committee.


VDC members understand grid maintenance, are responsible for collecting a monthly rent from each household, supported in their efforts to use the funds generated for further development initiatives and trained to progressively take charge of the overall development of the village. In this way, the initiative becomes sustainable over time.


For the villagers themselves, the cost savings from kerosene, mobile phone charging and additional income generated by electrification easily exceeds these fees.

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