Earthspired Millet Flours and Products

Millet Based Flour/Atta Mixes- A Health & Wellness Initiative

The fast paced modern living has made us accustomed to more refined, white staples and thus restricted our choices to white breads, smooth and softer chappatis -not necessarily the healthiest options. The same modern living also brings with it, lifestyle related disorders such as hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart diseases. Understanding the need for healthy flour choices without fortificants, we are pleased to present for your kitchens, a range of   flour mixes comprising of forgotten staples to give you more nutritious and healthy blends, along with ease and convenience of preparation and use.

More Millets, More Health

Millets have long been recognized as magic seeds. These highly nutritious grains with short growing period under dry, high temperature conditions are suitable for growth in Indian soil conditions. Judiciously blended to provide more health, the flour/atta mixes have been prepared without much processing with ensured quality and safety through regular testing.

Making Rural India Smile

Through Earthspired, Mrida empowers rural farmers and artisans to create a self-reliant, progressive and sustainable economy.

Buying Earthspired product will help you join this movement, and make rural India smile

Earthspired Millet Range – Way to your good health with more millets