Panch Deval Village, Rajasthan

Following through on its first installation at Mayoli, the Mrida journey towards lighting up lives continued with the commissioning of the 2nd grid at Panch Deval Village near Abu Road, Rajasthan, on May 28, 2014.

Panch Deval is a tribal village at the foothills of Mt. Abu, dependent on agriculture as its major source of income. The village comprises 25 households, none of which are connected with the electricity grid and had no alternative earlier but to rely on kerosene as a major source of lighting.

Not any more. The 240 Watt Mrida DC microgrid now powers all 25 households, with two 2 Watt LED bulbs and a mobile charging point each. Each household contributes a monthly rental for the clean energy access – this is largely offset by the expenses incurred on kerosene and mobile phone charging.

The Panch Deval initiative was undertaken in conjunction with the Village Sarpanch who also facilitates collection of the monthly energy access fee. Members of the local community have been trained on basic maintenance, with technical support wherever required, being provided by Mrida.

Moving forward, Mrida plans to initiate education and income generation activities enabling villagers to make use of the energy access to enhance their social skills as well as income levels. On the anvil also, is a concerted and scaled up initiative to extend the energy access initiative to many other un-electrified villages and hamlets in the same region.