The Rockman “Mission Parivartan” – An exercise in sustainable Village Transformation

Mrida created ‘Mission Parivartan’ as a CSR initiative, undertaken with Rockman Industries Ltd. (a Hero Motors Group Company), to facilitate sustainable rural development and to transform lives across 3 villages in Panchayat Khala Teera near Haridwar. Rockman and Mrida work closely together with the identified villages, mentoring them to undertake activities in areas such as education, agriculture, women’s empowerment, hygiene, transportation and livelihoods. Through such integrated initiatives, the vision is to transform lives and futures, and create an environment of sustainable, holistic development.

A household level baseline survey covering Villages Teera Tanda, Teera Tongiya and Khala Teera under the Panchayat, helped identify various interventions to be addressed under Mission Parivartan.

Community Center

To serve as a hub for future development of the villages, a community center has been constructed. It will be used for local events and functions, for livelihood generation activities, training programs, and so on. The initial funds for the center were provided as part of Rockman’s CSR initiative, while the villagers have committed to raise funds through ongoing activities, for its maintenance as well as expansion over time.


A Mrida E-Hub serves as a computer training center, an internet access point for e-ticketing and other facilities, a hub for recreational and educational activities for students, and a point for dissemination of socially relevant messages through documentaries, agriculture related educational programs, skill development initiatives, and so on. The E-Hub is a 600 Watt Solar Powered internet ready set-up housing desktops and laptops, a tablet-cum-HD projector and a wireless printer.

Solar LED Street Lights

5 Solar LED street lights at strategic locations in the 3 villages are providing lighting after dusk, improving safety and security, and facilitating better social interaction and routine activities after dark .

Electric Rickshaw

Lack of public transport emerged as a major concern during the baseline survey. An Electric Rickshaw was procured and pressed into service – doing multiple rounds between the villages and nearby areas of work/education, and to locations where regular transport is available. It is operated by a Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE), providing him with a livelihood opportunity. This is operating on the lines of a business model, with the entrepreneur depositing monthly instalment into a fund that will provide for maintenance and upkeep of the rickshaw, and also support further village development activities.

Candle Making & Stitching Centre

A Self-help Group has been formed and provided with training and other inputs to start candle making as a livelihood and women’s empowerment initiative. The Panchayat itself presents a good market, and the women are in the process of learning the ropes of starting and running their own entrepreneurial ventures. Likewise, training and other infrastructure support have been provided to set up a stitching center which will supply uniforms for Rockman factory employees. This activity in itself provides a huge opportunity for growth and sustainable livelihoods – not only by way of supplying uniforms, but also meeting the regular clothing needs of the villagers themselves.

Kisan Vikas Kendra

Moving forward, a range of comprehensive, integrated agriculture led initiatives are being planned with the local Kisan Vikas Kendra (KVK), to take the Khala Teera transformation agenda to the next level.

‘Mission Parivartan’ seeks to involve Rockman employees, the villagers themselves, and Mrida – working together as a team to transform the village through multiple interventions, into a vibrant, growing, self-sufficient and sustainable model for years to come. A Village Development Committee (VDC) of 7 members, under the leadership of the village Sarpanch, oversees Mission Parivartan activities, with a clear mandate to ‘take over’ the entire initiative over time, even as Mrida and Rockman scale up and expand their mission to transform lives in a sustainable manner, across the country.