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AG Industries (a part of Hero Motors Group) along with the Mrida Heart ‘n Soil Foundation, carried out an integrated CSR initiative at Tantwala village, located 30 km from Haridwar, Uttarakhand. The initiative was designed to have active participation of the villagers through the establishment of a Village Development Committee.

Through the baseline survey conducted, key interventions were identified, namely - community lighting, women empowerment, knowledge dissemination and community mobilization.

Solar Streetlights: 

30 Solar street lights were installed at carefully selected vantage points, enhancing the safety of the community, which created convenient opportunities for community engagement after sunset.

E Hub:

A solar powered E-Hub was established to help the community through which they had access to information on the internet. The E Hub serves as a livelihood opportunity for the beneficiary overseeing it. Through the provision of the E-Hub, villagers also had the chance to develop basic computer skills. The E-Hub was especially popular among children, and was subsequently shifted to the school premises, serving as an integral part of the school itself.


Livelihood workshops were conducted to impart skills to the community members, and a stitching centre was set up to teach women how to stitch. The stitching centre has evolved over time and today caters to the bulk uniform requirements of workers at the AG Industries –a huge earning opportunity for the stitching centre, and a reliable procurement base for the Company – a true win-win situation for all.

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