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The key agricultural challenge in India is poor productivity yields across all major crops. Yield is a function of varied inputs such as seed quality, fertilizer usage, irrigation facilities and mechanization. In Faridapur, a village  near Bareily, Mrida group advised farmers to cultivate a new variety of Mentha (Mint) crop, which would give an edge to these farmers in the competitive market. Charan Singh was one such marginal farmer, who took the idea forward and engaged himself in Mentha cultivation and extraction of Mentha oil to increase his income from agriculture. Now Charan Singh is not only adding value to his crops, but also encouraging other farmers to create such market linkages. When asked about his future plans, Charan Singh aspires to form a farmers’ association to deal with agricultural products and creating proper market linkages for the supply chain to function smoothly.

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Araminta arden
Araminta arden
Jul 16, 2022


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