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Israwati, a self-driven woman, contributes to her household income by making traditional baskets out of dried grass, locally known as ‘Dohri’, in Village Belwa/Jhajawa, Kushinagar. Weaving as much as 8 Dohri baskets a month, Isarwati is an active craftswoman who believes in maximizing the income of her family and giving her family a better standard of living. The Mrida group acts as a buyer of her merchandise and fetches her Rs.150 for every Dohri basket. These Dohris are sold at the Grameen Haat built in Tahtajpur. Isarwati has been working on these baskets for the last 16 months and has produced around 50 pieces of Dohris so far. She is now motivating other women to join her and enhance their livelihood.


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