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The history of agriculture in India dates back to the Rigveda. In many parts of the country modern techniques are used to improve the yield of the crops. These modern techniques involve some CapEx but it reduces the overall cost of production and increases the profitability, including the increase in crop yield. Drip Irrigation System (DIS) is one of the initiatives to enhance the productivity, hence resulting in improved profitability. Unfortunately, these DISs were not used in Village Faridapur Inayat Khan as the interest in growing vegetables was very low among the farmers. Lal Karan, one of the farmers in Faridapur Inayat Khan, came forward and installed DIS with training support from Mrida. His objective was to showcase the benefits of DIS to his fellow villagers and also the benefits arising out of vegetable cultivation. He firmly believes that there are a whole lot of opportunities in farming and this profession has the capability to transform his life. Lal Karan has embarked on this journey of transformation and actively exploring opportunities of directly supplying good quality vegetables and other Agri products to colleges, schools and corporate. Looking at Lal Karan, other farmers like Ram Kumar also undertook this initiative of installing DIS in his field in Village TahTajpur (5 Kms from Village Faridapur Inayat Khan)


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