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Updated: Jul 25, 2018

As per the latest census, over a fifth of non-agricultural workers in India commute to work on foot, followed by commuting on cycles, mopeds or motorcycles and buses. Similarly, villagers from Jhajhawa and Belwa (Belwania), Kushinagar Uttar Pradesh, earlier used to walk for 5-7 kms to the nearest town.

Ram Harak, a villager from Jhajhawa, Kushinagar took this initiative of serving the people in his locality by plying an E-Rickshaw to this point (Kaptanganj). Today he is a proud owner of an E-rickshaw and earns Rs, 8000 monthly to support his family.

Looking at his dedication and willingness to serve his community, Ram Harak was given as E-Rickshaw under the CSR program of Mahindra & Mahindra. He also made a down payment of 10% of the rickshaw cost and pays a monthly installment to the Village Development Committe (VDC). He made commuting to Kaptanganj a dream come true for the residents of nearby villages with a nominal cost decided by the VDC.


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