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Rekha, a graduate, involved herself in the stitching initiative started by IL&FS and Mrida group, to earn a self-sustainable livelihood in TahTajpur, a small village near Bareily.

The stitching intervention aims at providing training by Premanjali, a local NGO. The eight girls from Tahtajpur are actively engaged in stitching, which makes them capable of earning a sustainable livelihood. The girls were also awarded with a NIOS certification after the completion of their training. IL&FS and Mrida helped the girls to set up a tailoring shop named ‘Raj Laxmi’, which is borne out of the VDC fund. Raj Laxmi has completed its first successful order of stitching school uniforms for students in Gulmeher House, Delhi. Now, the stitching center is getting regular orders from in and around TahTajpur, contributing to the earnings of these girls. The efficiency of the women of creating around 3-4 suits a day, is noteworthy and showcases their growth over the months.

Today, Rekha earns Rs. 70 for every suit she stitches and is proud to proclaim herself as a professional outfitter in TahTajpur. Rekha feels assured that this learning would continue to give her a regular livelihood even after her marriage. Rekha sets an example as a truly empowered woman.


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