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Rockman  - Haridwar District, Uttarakhand
“Mission Parivartan”


Rockman Industries (A Hero Motors Group Company) teamed up with the Mrida Heart ‘n Soil Foundation to create ‘Mission Parivartan’ with the aim of facilitating sustainable rural development and to transform lives across the villages of Khala Teera, Tanda Teera and Teera Tongiya in the Haridwar District of Uttarakhand.  

Livelihood & Village Development Committee:
Playing the role of a catalyst in bringing together Rockman employees and the villagers, the Heart ‘n Soil Foundation first set up a Village Development Committee under the ‘Mission Parivartan’ umbrella, the initiative was subsequently handed over to the villagers and to a team at Rockman for sustaining, and taking the Mission to the next level.

Women were educated about the opportunities available through initiatives such as  stitching, candle making and so on. Training and other infrastructure was provided to set up and support a stitching centre, which would allow the women to cater to local orders apart from stitching uniforms for Rockman employees.  


A community center was constructed to serve as a hub for collaboration, local events and functions, for livelihood generation activities, training programs, and so on. The initial funds for the center were provided as part of Rockman’s CSR initiative. Through the monthly collection of the VDC, the villagers raised funds for routine maintenance, ongoing activities and future expansion. 


A battery powered E-Rickshaw was procured for the Panchayat and pressed into service, providing employment for a local Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE), and much needed transportation facilities for students and working women from the village, apart from routine daily use.

Solar Streetlights & E Hub:
A solar powered E-Hub was provided to the Panchayat to facilitate education, entertainment and e-commerce facilities across the 3 villages. Solar LED Streetlights were installed at vantage points in the three villages, allowing residents to engage in community activities during the evenings and also navigate the night with ease.

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