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Development Hubs

Two Development Hubs (D-Hubs) were conceptualized and implemented as part of project ‘Nayi Kiran’. Villagers can access and benefit from a wide range of government programs, schemes and incentives at these Hubs. The D-Hubs also provide additional services like banking, e-citizen services, online employment applications, photocopying, printing, passport-size photographs, e-citizen/e-Nagrik, birth/death certificates, Aadhar printing and enrolment, PAN Card; Electoral Services, Hotel Booking, Ticketing, Utility Payments and so on, apart from promoting computer literacy.

The D-Hubs act as a one-stop shop to avail Govt. schemes, provide infrastructure for Govt. Departments to conduct training programs, and act as a central location for officials to establish their base of operations for extending any support or schemes to PAFs. The D-Hubs can also become a part of the THDC CSR Program in future, from a sustainability perspective.

Apart from the basic services as enlisted, the D-Hubs are also used to provide computer training and literacy which will help beneficiaries improve their employability.  As of Sept. 2022, there were a total of 89 enrollments in computer training programs in the Mayapur (67) and Pipalkoti (22) D-Hubs.  

The Development-Hub entrepreneurs themselves earn upwards of Rs. 15,000/- per month by providing enlisted services, with potential to increase this further over time.

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