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Stitching & Knitting Center

A stitching center was set up under Project Nayi Kiran in Mayapur, near Village Eldana, in response to feedback from the Baseline Study, Village Pradhans and THDC. The center has been well received, with 32 students having enrolled and 26 students having successfully completed the basic sewing course and acquired basic skills in stitching and sewing, apart from guidance for interested participants related to setting up their own small enterprises. 

25 individuals have enrolled for the second batch of training, thereby attesting to the popularity of the program and the interest amongst women from the catchment area in skilling themselves and improving their employability or entrepreneurial ability as the case may be. 

Guidance will also be provided to women who may be interested in upskilling themselves further, either through local training inputs, or through formal skilling programs like the NIOS. Discussions have also been initiated with organizations like Singer and Usha, for inclusion of such initiatives under their own nation-wide skilling and stitching initiatives.  


A nominal monthly fee of Rs. 50 is charged to ensure that the training is not provided for free, and that people take the training seriously. The training is conducted in batches of about 10 participants. 

The stitching center has established itself as a visible and effective intervention capable of affecting a large number of people. After completing their tailoring and knitting training, beneficiaries can launch their own businesses in their local market or at home, with little investment, manpower, or machinery. Demand for custom-tailored clothing, handbags, and other home decor items continues to grow.

Woolen goods such as sweaters, caps, mufflers, and gloves are extremely popular in hilly areas and are available almost all year. Thus, like tailoring shops, a knitting business can be established to generate revenue while also providing a service. 

As such, the scope of the existing stitching unit can be expanded to include knitting as well depending on the interest levels in the community. Likewise, additional stitching centers can also be set up over time, in other parts of the catchment area such as Urgam and Saloor. 

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